About Us

We are a software company thriving in a purpose built ecosystem with industrial robotics companies

Our sister companies providing us every day robotics and automation expertise are  www.robotnorge.no, www.robnor.se, and www.machine.no

Our vision is to develop innovative solutions enabled by software for robotics and AI to handle dangerous or repetitive tasks

This improves environment, creates better working conditions, improves profitability for companies, and frees up human labor for more creative activities

Industrial IoT

Bringing robotics in to the world of IoT

We at Byte Motion have chosen Node-RED as our IoT platform. Thanks to its large community and support for IoT devices it enables to automate almost anything from lights, industrial machines and smart homes.

We have developed our own Node-RED modules that integrates robotics in to this eco-system.

This enables one to take control of whole production lines, distribute tasks to robots, keep ERP/MRP systems updated, BI systems, big-data collection and visualization in dashboard and much more.

Our Skills

We are a diverse team including five different nationalities with a combined deep experience in coding, including applications with vision technology and AI.

Since 2019 we have quietly developed and delivered several commercial projects to different customers and industries.

Through this early pioneering and real projects we have learnt a lot and developed our software more and more.

Ocellus is our state of the art vision system for robotics and machines

It stands out from its competition by using artificial intelligence and traditional vision in combination with a physics engine. This approach makes it possible to describe the most complex situations and break it down to vector based space for robots and machines. It creates a virtual twin of the outside world using all connected sensors, it can even take control over the robots and machines in real-time, leading robots through the most efficient paths or avoiding obstacles as they appear.

Ocellus is camera agnostic so it can utilize a large selection of cameras e.g.: Laser profilers, line and area scanners, 3D cameras and hyper-spectral cameras.

It also comes with an AI cloud platform making training, evaluation and deployment of new or improved AI models a breeze.

Ocellus is different from other vision systems as it has been developed from the ground up through hardship in several real projects and commercial deliveries.
This makes our software robust and increase the application area.

Meet the team

Tommy Jonsson

Lord of the things

Chief Tester
Haris Hadzic

Chief Obedience Officer

Executive Chairman
Atle Rettedal

Creator of Opportunities

Senior Software Chief
Kristoffer Carlson

Senior Copy Paste Engineer

Software Engineer
Lukasz Kwiek

Computational Cloud Wizard

Robot Engineer
Håvard Bakke

Robot behavioral correction officer

Software Engineer
Domagoj Kudek

Virtual Physicist

Robot Engineer
Mari Hognestad

Robot Ninja

Laila Valdeland

Master of Coins

Coming Soon

During first half 2022 we will launch some innovative applications and products for the food – and recycling – industries.

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